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What is a MOOC?


I admit I hadn’t heard of a MOOC (Massive Online Open Course)

I found a few relevant courses centred around online learning:

One at the Open University at

I also found a MOOC at  However, I cannot explore this one further as it has not yet started and also would involved double the work on top of the course I am doing.  It would have been interesting to do them both at the same time to compare the experience because of the similarity of topic and discussion.  My initial impression is that the Coursera site is attractive and inviting and easy to use.

I also found a course on P2PU – which is interesting.  In fact I am now registered at – this seems to be more of a dip in and out of type course and not set over a few weeks.

More about MOOCs

Watch this video:

MOOC issues discussion

A good description of a MOOC can be found at .

Some discussion around MOOCs at

I have decided to focus on looking at the materials on the Open University MOOC and I am also interested in the the digital storytelling  MOOC at . Run by Jim Groom,  learners keep their own blogs, which are aggregated together into the main course blog. There is also an assignment bank where learners suggest assignments, and a radio station that is open to anyone to use for broadcasts.




Author: Oonagh Monaghan

Academic Subject Librarian for Psychology and Sport Science

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